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Form for reissuance of marriage certificate

Fill out the form here to request a reissue of your marriage license

If you were married in church or you no longer are married, we cannot reissue a marriage certificate.

When married in a Church, you can get your marriage certificate her at

If you are divorced, you kan get at a kopi of your marriage certificate by contacting us at:

Phone.: +45 76168900
Our phone lines are open every weekday between 9 AM - 13 PM.

Information about your marriage
Where were you married?
In which municipality were you married?
Enter your email address
Who should the marriage certificate be sent to?

If you need to have the marriage certificate sent somewhere other than to yourself, you must complete the power of attorney below:

Write your full name, address, e-mail
Name, address, e-mail and telephone number of the person who receives the power of attorney