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Pictures of the beautiful and unique weddings

Pictures of the beautiful and unique weddings

Guest book

Dear Registrar. My husband and I would like to thank you and your colleagues at the wedding office for our wonderful wedding! We were very happy for the care and ceremony that we could experience at your amazing old town hall. Warmest regards

"...I just wanted to say that all our couples who have married at your place since reopening have all been so happy and had a fantastic time with you, so thank you for looking after them so well.

We put much appreciated and the couple will all remember you for life! (From Wedding Planner)

This letter is to express both mine and my wife's thanks to Esbjerg Municipality for holding our wedding. It was a very pleasant ceremony, held in a wonderful way in the beautiful surroundings of Det Gamle Rådhus in Ribe.

Our thanks also go to Esbjerg's mayor, Mr. Jesper Rasmussen, for his greeting card and accompanying two Danish-made champagne glasses - very special glasses - and appreciated!

We have come back to Germany with memories of a friendly and wonderful wedding ceremony - far beyond our expectations and never forgotten.

A return visit to Ribe is of course finally planned! Once again thank you.

We wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful wedding we had in Ribe Town Hall.

We will always remember your kindness. It was just a wonderful moment. Many greetings.

Hello Marriage Clerk.

We had a fantastic day, and it was so wonderful at Det Gamle Ting & Arresthus, all the guests have praised it to the skies... and the speech you gave was just as personal and just as we had hoped.

We don't regret for one second that we got married at your place.. it was almost like a church, just more cozy and personally also not so many songs hehe..

Dear Marriage Office.

My husband and I got married at my mother's house in Esbjerg. All correspondence with you was via my good friend (and witness). I would like to know if it is possible to get an extra / new original of the international marriage certificate as we have had to hand in the original in another context (we still have the Danish one). We will of course be happy to pay for an additional original if required. You are welcome to send it to us.

And then we would very much like to send a separate greeting with thanks to the Marriage Officer who makes the day even more special than we had first thought.... Will you help her get the message? Thanks!

Dear Marriage Officer.

We would like to thank you many times for making our special day even more special than we imagined.

We did not expect your cordiality and empathy at all and we were very positively surprised and happy. Your speech was quite special, very telling and well thought out.

We would love to have a copy and use it when we hold our big party at a later date.
We were also very surprised and touched by the gift and card from the mayor. We really think the municipality has a good style :-)

The day was just perfect, the best weather imaginable and the best officiant we have ever experienced.
1000 thanks for that! Many loving greetings from the Bride and Groom

Hello Marriage Office!

We were married at Esbjerg Court and Arrest House.
The marriage officiant was incredibly gentle, sweet and friendly, and made our wedding a good experience that didn't just have to be over in the shortest possible time.
She had, among other things, called my husband to get personal information about us before the wedding. Really thoughtful of her. Greet her and thank her for her good work. We would very much like to know her last name so that we can write it down, in memory of the good day.
Best regards from the bride and groom.


We feel very compelled to thank you for good cooperation in connection with our wedding in our clubhouse. Your sweet sociable and cooperative manner was refreshing and nice.
We also thank you many times for the fantastic speech you gave, which helped complete our day. We did not expect a speech of this standard.
It was the big positive surprise of the day, and we were both moved to tears by it. Many of our guests also commented and praised your beautiful speech afterwards. It was really noticed. Can we be so lucky that you still have the speech in writing, and possibly can have it sent.????

On behalf of my husband and family, I would like to thank you once again for the joyful, uncomplicated and truly beautiful wedding ceremony.
Everyone was very impressed and excited about you, your colleagues, the location and the relaxed atmosphere. Everyone especially liked your speech, which said many things, so beautifully about the future.
Kind regards from Hamburg.