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Topped cobblestones, crooked buildings and beautiful scenery

Get married in the oldest city in the Nordics. The city with the historic cobbled streets with the beautiful and colorful medieval houses shoulder to shoulder in the city center

Ribe - The Historical Town

Get married in the oldest town in Scandinavia, the town with its historical cobblestone streets and charming, colorful medieval houses shoulder to shoulder in the city center.

Ribe's medieval center, with its winding streets and beautiful buildings, is the perfect choice for a romantic wedding. The setting for a civil wedding in Ribe is truly unique.

The Old Town Hall in Ribe is Denmark's oldest. It was built before 1496 and served as the city's town hall from 1708 until 2007, where council meetings were held. The old Civic Hall and corridors are adorned with a collection of portraits of local officials from the 1600s to the 1900s.

"The Old Town Hall is located just 100 meters from Ribe Cathedral, which is one of Denmark's most beautiful medieval cathedrals."

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Court room

Bumpy cobblestones, skewed buildings and beautiful nature - Ribe has it all

The wedding ceremony takes place in the civic hall at The Old Town Hall, which is more than 500 years old. The beautiful hall gives a solemn mood, and white candles, fresh flowers and our enthusiastic wedding registrars create an intimate and pleasant atmosphere. The civic hall has room for approximately 60 seated guests, so you are welcome to invite family and friends to the wedding.

The wedding ceremony

We place great importance on ensuring that your wedding ceremony is exactly as you desire.

On the day of the wedding, after welcoming you to the hall, one of our officiants will conduct the official marriage ceremony accompanied by a wedding speech. Following this, there will be time for exchanging rings and taking wedding photographs. The ceremony concludes with the presentation of your marriage certificate.

There is an opportunity for a drink after the ceremony.

If you would like to enjoy a drink after the ceremony, it can certainly be arranged.

Just to be on the safe side, please feel free to inquire at the Marriage Office or with the staff when you arrive at the Old Town Hall, so we can ensure that the space is available. If you know in advance, please inform us of the expected number of guests.

Please note, that you will need to bring your own glasses and beverages. You must also clear up after yourself.

On some days, there may be many weddings scheduled, so unfortunately, it will only be possible to use the space for 10-15 minutes.

If you wish to extend the celebration, Destination Vadehavskysten will be happy to assist you in finding suitable venues for your reception.

There is also the option to hold the reception in the Courtroom. Contact the Wedding Office to learn more about your options at

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Experience Ribe

Few places offer as much history and grandeur in one location as Ribe. It is the perfect place to spend the days surrounding your wedding. In addition to the classic tourist attractions, Ribe also hosts a variety of food and cultural festivals

In Ribe, 1.300 years of history are at your feet and follow you everywhere you go.


In the Wadden Sea National Park, you can experience the unique wildlife and birdlife along the coast, such as the Black Sun phenomenon.

If you wish to explore and be active, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year, including oyster safaris.

The Tourist Office in Ribe is happy to assist with advice and booking accommodation and events in the city. Via Destination Vadehavskysten, you can find Visit Ribe's contact information and read more about what you can experience in the city.

Accommodation and Shopping in Ribe

You will find beautiful and historic hotels as well as a wide range of idyllic bed and breakfast options in the city. If you wish to celebrate your wedding in Ribe, there are also abundant opportunities for that. Ribe boasts several excellent dining establishments both within and outside the city center.

In the medieval town, you will discover many exciting specialty shops and unique stores where you have the opportunity to find exciting gifts, flowers, and perhaps even your wedding rings.

Enjoy your time!