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Latest news about COVID-19 virus

At this website you can find information about the changes in Esbjerg Municipality caused by the COVID-19 virus.

The situation in Esbjerg Municipality

COVID-19 is no longer categorized as a socially critical disease, and therefore all restrictions have been discontinued.

The infection rate is decreasing, but coronavirus is still present in society, this also applies to Esbjerg Municipality.

Prevent infection

To reduce the spread of infection, it is important to follow the general advice of The Danish Health Authority: 

  • Get vaccinated - see all addresses here (in Danish)
  • Stay home if you experience symptoms of COVID-19 and feel sick
  • Keep your distance
  • Open windows and doors and ventilate your home regularly
  • Wash hands frequently or use hand sanitiser
  • Clean thoroughly, especially surfaces that are touched by many people

Read more about:

Corona information

Corona passport

The Danish corona passport is closed. You may still need the EU view of the corona passport when traveling abroad.

With a COVID-19 passport you can document that you are either:

  • ​Vaccinated to full protection (or two weeks after your first injection)
  • Tested negative within 72 hours with a PCR test
  • Recovered from a COVID-19 infection. Your positive PCR test must be at least 11 days old and maximum 5 months old to qualify as valid documentation.

Children below age 15 are exempt.

An app with your COVID-19 passport

You can download the free corona passport app called "Coronapas" in Google Play or App Store. You can also still use the app "MinSundhed" (in Danish) as a COVID-19 passport. 

If you are not digital

It is possible to obtain documentation on paper for completed vaccination and negative testing. 

Find the nearest test site

The list is in Danish, but you can see a map with all test sites in the municipality. You can also see all addresses and opening hours.

See all test sites here

Getting tested as a non-Danish citizen

As a non-Danish citizen, you have the possibility of being tested for COVID-19.

More information on how to get tested

The current infection rates

You can see the current figures for all the Danish municipalities on the website of Statens Serum Institut (under the Danish Ministry of Health). To see the local figures, simply click on Esbjerg Municipality on the map or in the overview.

See the current infection figures here