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Latest news about COVID-19 virus

Esbjerg Municipality has taken all the necessary steps to make sure, we follow the new governmental recommendations to stop and limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Temporary lockdown in Jerne parish

Rising corona infection in Jerne parish means that Esbjerg Municipality must temporarily close a number of schools, institutions and indoor sports, leisure, and cultural activities in Jerne parish.

Jerne parish meets the national authorities' criteria for automatic lockdown. Therefore, the following schools and institutions in Jerne parish are closed from Sunday 2 May 2021:

  • Bakkeskolen Cosmos
  • AOF center Sydjylland
  • The EFI sports arena, indoor facilities
  • The leisure building at Skanderborgvej 10, indoor facilities
  • The leisure building at Veldbæk Industrivej 20, indoor facilities
  • Veldtofte sports arena (SEPE), indoor facilities
  • Indoor facilities for leisure, sports, and association activities at UC Syd, University College South Denmark
  • Myrthue Bakkeskolen Cosmosskolen
  • Myrthue Østskoven

The individual municipal institutions will contact everyone who is directly affected by the lockdown with further information.

Day care institutions in Jerne parish are not included in the lockdown. However, stricter guidelines apply in day care institutions, and parents are encouraged to keep their children at home during the lockdown period. 

Advice from the health authorities

In connection with the lockdown in Jerne parish, the health authorities recommend:

  • See as few people as possible
  • Public employees who do not perform critical functions should work from home
  • As far as possible, private employers are encouraged to let employees work from home
  • Young children are cared for at home
  • Day care divides children into regular, smaller groups, etc.
  • Residents in the area get tested for COVID-19

Why a lockdown?

National authorities have created a model for rapid and effective local lockdowns based on automation if the corona infection increases locally.

Three criteria have been set for when a parish must be locked down temporarily. The criteria are:

  • The incidence in a parish exceeds 500 infected per. 100,000 citizens per. week.
  • More than 20 cases of infection have been registered in total in the last seven days.
  • The positive percentage is 2.5 percent or more.

All three criteria are met in Jerne parish. The lockdown continues until the parish has been below the level of one of the above criteria for a week in a row.

Go to information about:

Gradual reopening

You can find all details about the reopening at We will continuously update this website with new information about how our municipality will follow the recommendations from the Danish authorities. 

Vaccination and corona passport

COVID-19 passport

To speed up the gradual reopening, a COVID-19 passport is introduced so that you can document that you are either:

  • ​Vaccinated to full protection (all needed injections)
  • Recovered from a COVID-19 infection
  • Tested negative within 72 hours with either a PCR or a quick test (antigen test)

Children below age 15 are exempt.

A temporary COVID-19 passport

The app "MinSundhed" (in Danish) can work as a simple COVID-19 passport. By the end of May, authorities expect to be able to make available a more user-friendly app.

If you are not digital

It is possible to obtain documentation on paper for completed vaccination and negative testing. 

If you need to be tested

If you wish to be tested, you can book an appointment. If you have mild symptoms you can book a test without a doctor's referral. If you are concerned or need to book a test for your child under the age two, please contact your doctor.

Book a corona test here

For migrant workers in Denmark

Migrant and posted workers have the possibility of being tested for COVID-19. If you do not have any symptoms, please book a test at If you do not have NemID, please call Test Centre Denmark at +45 99 44 07 17 weekdays from 9am - 3pm.

More information for migrant workers

The current infection rates

You can see the current figures for all the Danish municipalities on the website of Statens Serum Institut (under the Danish Ministry of Health). To see the local figures simply click on Esbjerg Municipality on the map itself or in the overview.

See the current infection figures here

Ban on gathering

  • The ban is now a maximum of 10 people indoor and 50 outdoor
  • 6 may: maximum 25 people indoor and 75 outdoor
  • 21 May: maximum 50 people indoor and 100 outdoor
  • 11 June: maximum 100 people indoor and no limit outdoor
  • 1 August: the ban will be abolished completely

Children and young people

Services at the municipality

Cultural activities and sports


Vulnerable citizens

Senior citizens and sick people

Protect yourself and others

Let’s help each other

Please follow all the public recommendations, only in this way will we will be able to take care of each other.

Please check this website: for further information about the COVID-19 virus to keep yourself updated.

This is an extraordinary situation for all of us and we are trying to keep you informed as fast as possible. 

You can also follow the municipality on our Facebook page.

If you need to be tested

Anyone with mild symptoms can book a test without a doctor's referral. If you wish to be tested for other reasons, you are also welcome to book an appointment. If you are concerned or need to book a test for your child under the age of two, please consult your doctor.

Book a corona test at