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Parking in Esbjerg

Public parking is available in Esbjerg, but you have to pay to park or comply with time restrictions in parts of the city. 

On 19 April 2021 paid parking was introduced in the municipal car parks in the center of Esbjerg. Within the paid parking zone (marked in red on the map) you can park for two hours for free on municipal car parks (marked i blue on the map) using the parking disc. After two hours you have to pay to park. 

How to use the map

The map shows the paid parking zone and the locations of municipal car parks in the center of Esbjerg. You can turn the different map items on and off in the legend (e.g. the paid parking zone), zoom in and out by scrolling and navigate the map by holding down the left mouse button while drawing the map. 

You should always check the signs in the street. 

About paid parking in Esbjerg