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A beautiful wedding in beautiful surroundings

Get married in the city that buzzes with life.

In Esbjerg you can get married exactly the way you want ...

Get married in Esbjerg - the city buzzing with life

In Esbjerg, the Gamle Ting- og Arresthus (The Old City Hall & Jailhouse) from 1892 sets the romantic scene for your wedding. Centrally located on the Main Square in the heart of Esbjerg, ceremonies are held in the beautiful wedding room.
The Ting- og Arresthus was built in 1892, and was used for official purposes until 1983. The jail was active until 1947, when the last inmates were released. During World War II, the German Occupation used the house for their purposes, and many Danish freedom fighters were imprisoned here. The prison cells still exist in the jailhouse.

If you like, you can enjoy refreshments with your guests, in an adjoining room after the ceremony.

Please note that there are stairs at the entrance and inside. But it is possible to use an elevator. To use the lift, you must enter via the gate in Torvegade, walk across the yard to the Courthouse. If this entrance is locked, the Wedding registrar can unlock it for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this. 

" 2013, the old Ting & Arresthus underwent a major restoration, so the house again looks beautiful and creates a beautiful and inviting setting for your wedding. A beautiful breathing space in the middle of an energetic city .."          

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Wedding suite

The ceremony takes place in the beautiful wedding suite, which was renovated in 2013 in line with the history and style of the building. The original furniture from the Council Chamber adorns the room along with contemporary paintings, fresh flowers, and lit candles.

All of this creates a lovely romantic ambiance, where the officiant makes your ceremony the absolute focal point with their wedding speech and marriage ritual.

The wedding ceremony

We place great importance on ensuring that your wedding ceremony is exactly as you desire.

When you get married at the old Court and Jailhouse in Esbjerg, the officiant who will be performing the ceremony will give you a call during the week leading up to your wedding. This informal conversation will cover details such as the expected number of guests, any specific preferences you may have, and other aspects related to the ceremony itself.

On the day of the wedding, after welcoming you to the bridal suite, one of our officiants will conduct the official marriage ceremony accompanied by a wedding speech. Following this, there will be time for exchanging rings and taking wedding photographs. The ceremony concludes with the presentation of your marriage certificate.

There is an opportunity for a glass (of refreshments) after the ceremony

If you wish to enjoy a drink after the ceremony, that can certainly be arranged.

Just to be on the safe side, please feel free to inquire at the Marriage Office or with the staff upon your arrival at the Ting- and Arresthuset to ensure that the venue is available. If you know in advance, please inform us of the expected number of guests.

Please note that you will need to bring your own glasses and beverages.

On some days, there may be multiple ceremonies, and unfortunately, it will only be possible to use the venue for 10-15 minutes. If you wish to extend the celebration, Destination Vadehavskysten will be happy to assist you in finding suitable venues for your reception.

Oplev Esbjerg

In Esbjerg, you will find fantastic nature experiences, exciting museums and art, a cozy city environment, plenty of shops, cultural events, festivals, and top-notch sports facilities. All surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Wadden Sea National Park

With the sculpture "The Man by the Sea," Denmark's gateway to the west opens itself to the world and welcomes you to Esbjerg.


In the Wadden Sea National Park, you can experience the unique wildlife and birdlife along the coast, such as the phenomenon of "Sort Sol" (Black Sun).

If you're looking to get active, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year, including the chance to go on an Oyster Safari.

The tourist office in Esbjerg is happy to provide advice and assistance with accommodation bookings and city events. Through Destination Vadehavskysten, you can find Visit Esbjerg's contact information and learn more about what you can experience in the city.

Stay and Shopping in Esbjerg

Esbjerg offers a wide range of excellent dining options and accommodations to suit every taste.

If desired, Esbjerg has many venues where you can celebrate your wedding.

In Esbjerg, you'll also find numerous opportunities to discover exciting gifts, flowers, perhaps even your wedding rings, and whatever else you may need. The city boasts Denmark's longest pedestrian street with specialty shops and cozy cafés, while on the outskirts, you'll find large shopping centers, furniture stores, and department stores with ample parking options.

Broen Shopping Esbjerg (a shopping center at the end of Kongensgade near Jernbanegade) are worth exploring.          Broen Shopping Esbjerg. (Butikscenter for enden af Kongensgade v. Jernbanegade)
          (Broen Shopping, Jernbanegade/ Exnersgade)

You can watch a short film about city life in Esbjerg here.

Enjoy your stay!